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Who we are

What we stand for


The fast fashion industry has a massive carbon footprint, the industry at large overproduces clothing that is designed to be disposable.  Here at Seamster we work hard to extend the lifecycle of pre-existing clothing and make all of our own line of products locally, in Glasgow, with upcycled materials.


In order to put environmentally friendly fashion into mainstream and grow the circular economy, sustainable choices cannot be solely aspirational and so we have price points to suit all budgets.


Seamster Vintage stocks clothes of all sizes and styles for everyone.  However you wear it, we got you covered.


We believe anything you do everyday should be a source of joy and positivity.  Love your clothes and express yourself!


Our story

Established in 2014, Seamster Vintage is a family business that trades in retro fashion, reworked clothing and accessories made from reclaimed vintage fabrics.

Run by husband and wife team, Steven & Debbie, Seamster was created out of their love of colourful and creative power of clothing.

Debbie is a professional designer with 20 years experience in the Scottish textile industry and Steven has a background in creative small business, Seamster Vintage was built on the belief that the joys of expressions through clothing could be done more sustainably.

From humble beginnings in a box room in the Scottish Borders, Seamster started as an online store, featuring at markets and pop ups. After opening our first bijou store on Glasgow’s Vicky Road, Seamster has expanded to a larger premises in the city’s Southside at The Cooperage, a refurbished whisky barrel factory, which is home to  local indie businesses.

We are accredited by Revolve, Zero Waste Scotland’s quality stamp for second hand retail, and with strong ties to education and industry and working hard to play our part in bridging the skills gap in supporting the rebuilding of the local textile industry and bringing the circular fashion economy into mainstream retail.




Seamster Vintage is a a zero-waste company. 

We wash, grade and, if needed, repair and rework all our clothing which extends the garments lifecycle, lowers the environmental footprint and makes sure it is its best self when it arrives to you!


Sustainably Sourced

All our clothing is good quality second hand garments


We launder everything to keep 100% Fresh


Team Seamster are fully trained in quality control and every item gets double checked

  • Grade A Garments - Ready to Rock n Roll!

  • Repair - If an item needs a little bit of love to get it up to scratch we mend it and send it

  • Rework - Any item that cannot be repaired to our standards is stripped down for the fabric which creates our Zero-Waste Accessories!

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