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Garment care

Here are our Seamster garment care top tips to keep your vintage popping for years to come!


Machine Washing

We would recommend that clothes be split into whites, light colours and dark colours when being washed as this will help them retain the original colours we love for longer.

Buttons do way more work than we give them credit for. We recommend giving them a break and unbuttoning vintage clothes before they go in the washing machine or tumble dryer.  This will help them stay on for longer and reduce the risk of rips in fabric while in the wash.


Fabric Guides

Cotton & Linen

  • Machine wash on 30/40ºc (this type of fabric can take higher heats, but these temperatures are more energy efficient and will almost always get the job done).
  • Air dry (also can be tumble dried on a low setting).
  • Can be Ironed on a high heat.
  • Linen can become softer with repeat washings.


  • Dry clean or hand wash with a gentle soap.
  • Iron on a very low heat.
  • Vintage silk garments may have a machine safe symbol on the care label but tend to be too fragile even for a short, low heat cycle.


  • Dry clean or preshrink using steam from your iron.
  • Remember not to agitate the fibres as this can cause felting. 
  • If the knitwear has started to bobble you can pick up a bobble comb fairly cheap at a haberdashery store to brush off bobbled wool.  A clean, disposable shaving razor can do the same job also (though lay the garment flat and keep your fingers clear!)

Viscose / Rayon 

  • Machine wash on 30ºc.
  • Air dry only, we don’t advise tumble drying.
  • Iron on a low heat.


  • Machine wash on 30/40°c,
  • Air dry only, we don’t advise tumble drying.
  • Iron on a low heat. (some polyester garments can take a higher heat but be advise others will melt the fabric slightly)


*Please be advised that these are broad guides for the majority of garments, and we advise that customers exercise personal judgement and consult the manual for any appliances you use*

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