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Cookies policy

What Are Cookies?

Our site uses cookies, which are common practice on most professional websites.  They are tiny files downloaded onto your smart device or computer the first time you visit a site.  They hold small amounts of data to help improve your customer experience, with information such as when you last visited our site and if you put items in your basket or which site you came from.  They are designed help to improve your shopping experience.  You can choose to deny some of these cookies but please be aware that this may impact your shopping experience.

How they are used on this site

We use cookies for:

  • Counting site traffic, such as which items are most popular
  • Analysing visitor behaviour, such as how often items added to shopping carts are purchased
  • Quantifying how successful advertising campaigns and communications have been.
  • Which affiliate sites have helped us bring in new customers or promoted our products on their own platforms.
  • Site navigation and other necessary site operations
  • So visitors can like or save items in their shopping carts for another visit

Head over to our Privacy Policy for more information on how we use data.

How we use cookies


Please check out our Cookies Policy for more info.